From time to time the Oshkosh Area School District needs to redraw attendance boundaries to balance enrollment in the various elementary, middle, and high schools.  This page is designed to provide the latest information on district boundaries and any changes that are being considered.  

Elementary Boundary Maps 
(Approved for the 2013-14 School Year)
To best view and use these maps it is recommended that you download the pdf files to your computer and open them using Preview™ (Mac) or Adobe Acrobat Reader™ (PC)

North Side Elementary Schools
Due to the opening of the new Oaklawn Elementary School, the boundaries on the north side of the district were redrawn and approved at the OASD Board of Education meeting on February 27, 2013.

OASD North Side Map

South Side Elementary Schools
While the board considered changes to the south side boundaries they decided to stay with the current boundaries until a comprehensive south side study could be completed in the future.  

OASD South Side Map

New Feature!  Google Powered Attendance Maps 

Click Here for an interactive Google Map with the latest boundary information