Oshkosh Area School District 2018 Assessment Data Released

posted Oct 2, 2018, 10:44 AM by Katie Nieman
Oshkosh, WI - The Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) understands that annual state assessments offer valuable insight, and awareness of the learning and growth happening in schools. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recently released the results of the latest Wisconsin Forward Exam, ACT, and Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM). The computer-based assessments were administered to students during the spring of 2018 and indicate their college and career readiness. The results show that the Oshkosh Area School District continues to make steady gains in the area of English language arts (ELA) and continues to perform above the state average in mathematics and science.

The Wisconsin Forward Exam tests elementary and middle school students in numerous areas, including ELA, mathematics, science, and social studies. The exam gauges how well students are doing in relation to the Wisconsin Academic Standards, more specifically what students should know and be able to do in the classroom to be college and career ready. The Oshkosh Area School District had 4,095 students assessed on the Forward Exam and Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) in grades three through eight. Among those students, 40.6 percent of students were proficient or advanced in ELA compared to 42.4 percent at the state level. In mathematics, 45.6 percent of Oshkosh Area School District students were proficient or advanced, compared to 43.8 percent statewide. In Science, 50.2 percent of Oshkosh Area School District students were proficient or advanced, compared to 49.9 percent statewide.  

The ACT (American College Testing) Exam is a nationwide college readiness assessment. The ACT tests students in grade 11 in ELA, mathematics, and science. In the Oshkosh Area School District, 702 students in grade 11 took the ACT. The average ACT composite score for OASD students was 19.6, compared to the 19.8 state average. Students received their ACT score reports three to eight weeks after testing and had the choice to send their scores to up to four colleges or universities at no cost.  

The DLM is an alternate assessment for students in grades three through 11 with severe cognitive disabilities in ELA, mathematics, science, and social studies. DLM is an online assessment administered individually to students allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as they relate to the Wisconsin Essential Elements. 

“State testing results are a starting point for future improvement,” said Julie Conrad, OASD Director of Curriculum and Assessment. “The Oshkosh Area School District uses Wisconsin Student Assessment System data, local assessment data, and classroom data to continue guiding classroom instruction and school improvement planning. However, we understand that students are more than numbers and data points and we strive every day to help students reach their potential and become college, career, and community ready.”

State assessments set high expectations for students to prepare them for life after high school and the latest results reflect the high-quality instruction that the Oshkosh Area School District provides for all students. The District is committed to continuing to raise achievement scores while using a multi-faceted and strategic approach to ensuring that every child succeeds. 

To access the official press release from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, visit https://dpi.wi.gov/news/releases/2018/wisconsin-student-assessment-system-results-hold-steady. Access to the latest data and resources for interpreting the assessment data can be found on the WISEdash public portal website. For more information, visit https://wisedash.dpi.wi.gov.