Oshkosh Area School District Announces Weather Make-up Plans

posted Feb 18, 2019, 9:34 AM by Katie Nieman   [ updated Feb 18, 2019, 11:21 AM ]
Due to the severe and unprecedented inclement weather in January and February, the Oshkosh Area School District has made changes to the school calendar and school day to make up instructional minutes, as follows:
  • Starting Friday, March 1, 2019, the District will be adding 13 minutes to the end of the high school day for the remainder of the school year. The Oshkosh North and Oshkosh West school day will end at 3:46 p.m. The 13 minutes will be distributed to class periods throughout the day. Elementary and middle schools are able to “absorb” the lost time and thus do not require additional minutes.
  • The original weather make-up day on June 10 has been removed; the last day of school will be held on June 7. The District came to this decision due to feedback and concerns from families, staff, and community members regarding the extension of the school year to Monday, June 10. Additionally, the District is committed to acting in the best interest of students and student learning, and ensuring that instructional minutes are meaningful and valuable.
  • The March 13 and April 10 early release days have been canceled and those days will now be full student school days in anticipation of the need for make-up minutes if additional weather days are experienced. 
    • NOTE: This does not impact the Oshkosh Early Learning program, 4K or early childhood students. March 13, April 10, May 8 will remain NO SCHOOL DAYS for 4K and early childhood students only, as stated in the original Board-approved 2018-2019 OASD calendar.
The District’s plan for any additional school cancellations or delays is as follows:
  • The cancellation of the May 8 early release day for students if another weather day is experienced before May 8. 
  • Additional options will be developed as needed and presented to the Board of Education for approval and implementation. 

This plan was approved by the OASD Board of Education during a special meeting on Monday, February 18, 2019. In making this decision, the District aimed to minimize disruptions for families and provide the best opportunities for student learning. The District understands that these changes may cause inconveniences. However, keeping students and staff safe as they travel to and from school is one of the District’s most important responsibilities. The normal attendance policy remains in effect for those who may have made plans for the previously scheduled early release dates. The District will continue to keep families and the public informed should further changes develop that necessitate altering the District calendar further.