Oshkosh Area School District Continues Strategic Planning Process

posted May 10, 2019, 12:33 PM by Katie Nieman
District Reviews and Shares Community Feedback and Identified Themes

In January 2019, the Oshkosh Area School District (OASD), in partnership with Oshkosh4Education (O4E), embarked on a stakeholder-driven strategic planning process to develop the District’s Strategic Plan 3.0. 

Step 1 - Gathering Input
The process included multiple opportunities for community engagement through face-to-face discussions and an online survey. Feedback received will be used to assist the Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education in defining the District’s vision of success and developing priority goals for the strategic plan.

Step 2 - Analyzing Data
The District partnered with the UW-Oshkosh Center for Customized Research and Services to collect and analyze community input. 
  • Over 600 individuals, including parents, students, staff members, and community members shared their insights, ideas and opinions. 
    • 32 individuals participated in face-to-face community conversations 
    • 602 individuals participated in the online survey; the responses were reduced to 569 participants who completed more than two questions with the online survey
  • Common themes were found between face-to-face conversations and online survey responses. (The percentages are the percent of respondents who selected or provided feedback to the listed theme.)
    • The top identified strengths included: teachers (40%), staff (23%), communication (18%), technology (16%), extracurricular activities/opportunities (15%), community engagement (14%), caring (14%), academics (12%), administration/leadership (9%), safety/security (5%), and diversity (5%).
    • The top identified opportunities included: facilities (26%), academics (24%), staff hiring and retention (16%), communication (14%), behavior (12%), staff compensation (11%), technology (11%), diversity and inclusion (10%), administration/leadership (9%), mental health and wellness (9%), community engagement (8%), literacy (7%), school equity and balance (7%).
    • The top identified opportunities for growth and development included: creating a more global curriculum and focus; communication of good news and school needs; increased volunteer engagement with community members; and, increased community partnerships with local employers and colleges; digital learning.
    • The top identified challenges included: changing demographics; rapidly changing technology and technology costs; competition from surrounding districts presents challenges for student and staff retention; and, referendum fatigue, limited state funding, and the challenges of communicating the value of education to all community members.
    • Over 80% of respondents believe the OASD does a good job connecting with the Oshkosh community, and over 76% feel well-informed about what is happening in the District. The area listed below had over 25% of the respondents indicating that they would like to hear more information.
      • Curriculum – 52% 
      • Academic Achievement – 46% 
      • School Climate – 44%
      • Student Services (like Guidance, Mental Health, and Nursing) – 40%
      • School Safety – 39%
      • Budget Information 3– 7% 
      • Events (Athletics, Concerts, School Activities, etc.) – 28%
      • District Accomplishments – 27%
    • The following areas list the percent of participants that believe the listed topics are important for the OASD to invest in the future.
      • Student Learning – 98.4%
      • Addressing Mental Health – 94.2%
      • Keeping Teachers and Staff from Leaving for Jobs in Other Districts – 93.8%
      • Improving and Upgrading Facilities – 93.7%
      • Creating Inclusive Environments Where All People Are Treated Fairly – 91.9%
      • Engaging with the Community – 92.3%
Step 3 - Sharing Feedback
The District provided the Board of Education with a summary of the feedback received from community members. On May 8, 2019, Superintendent Vickie Cartwright facilitated a Board Workshop and provided an overview of the feedback process and results.

Step 4 - Refining Mission and Vision and Identifying Priority Areas
The Board of Education is committed to ensuring that the next strategic plan and priorities reflect community input and allow students, schools, district, and community to continuously succeed. After closely analyzing the feedback provided by community members, the Board will review the District’s current vision and mission statement to ensure that they provide the guidance needed to better align District initiatives and best support each and every student. The Board will also identify priorities and goals that will be the basis of the Strategic Plan 3.0, developed in collaboration with District leaders. 

Step 5 - Developing and Sharing the Strategic Plan 3.0
Once the Strategic Plan 3.0 is finalized, it will be shared with the Oshkosh community.