Oshkosh Area School District Exceeds Expectations in Newly Released State Report Cards

posted Nov 13, 2018, 8:07 AM by Katie Nieman

The Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) has risen to a new level of academic success. The District earned an overall accountability score of “Exceeds Expectations” on the State Accountability Report Card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the 2017-2018 school year. This recognition is a testament to the efforts of the entire District, school leaders, teachers, and staff members, as well as the incredible work and growth of OASD students and families.

The Oshkosh Area School District received an overall score of 74.0, up from 71.8 during the 2016-2017 school year. The Accountability Report Card includes data on many indicators for multiple years across four priority areas: Student Achievement, District Growth, Closing Gaps, and On-Track and Postsecondary Success. The District continues to make strong gains in the area of “District Growth,” where it scored 74.6 out of a possible 100 points, compared to the state average of 66 points; as well as “Closing Gaps,” where it scored 70.6 compared to the state average of 67.9.

“We emphasize a growth mindset throughout the District and are committed to ensuring that every student grows,” stated Julie Conrad, OASD Director of Curriculum and Assessment. “Our performance on multiple achievement measures shows promising results, and we are proud of the progress our students and our schools have made. We also know that these report cards are simply one measure of our success. As a District, we are constantly evaluating and monitoring our efforts to ensure that we are providing all students with the opportunities and skills needed to be college, career, and community ready. We will continue to meet the needs of all students and raise our own expectations every year.”

Highlights from the recently released District and School Report Cards for the OASD include the following items.

  • Increase in the percent of students scoring in the proficient and advanced categories in Mathematics

  • Continued improvement in English Language Arts

  • Increase in the number of schools that fall into the combined categories of Meets Expectations, Exceeds Expectations and Significantly Exceeds Expectations

Each school within OASD also received a report card from the State. The state-issued Accountability Report Cards for schools and districts were released on the DPI website (https://dpi.wi.gov/accountability/report-cards) on November 13, 2018, and are organized alphabetically by district name. Serving as an accountability system for schools and districts, the report cards measure each schools’ results of the Wisconsin Forward Exam, along with attendance rate, graduation rate, and performance on the ACT for high schools. Using numerous formulas and data sources, the state assigns a score and category for each school and district overall. In addition, a score for student achievement, student growth, closing the gaps and postsecondary readiness is given. The intention is for schools to use this information to identify areas for improvement and set goals for the future.  

OASD administrators and professional staff have been examining school-level data and state assessment results to determine where instruction for students can improve. This year, many schools in the OASD saw improvement in their report card ratings as a result of previous school improvement planning and district-wide continuous improvement efforts. School improvement planning in the OASD is focused on academics, as well as the social and emotional growth of each student.

“Each school has a unique climate, culture, and challenge,” explained Conrad. “Schools are more than a single test or number. Each school has classrooms and students that have unique needs and opportunities for growth. With this in mind, the OASD uses assessment scores to help identify areas of strength and need for improvement, so that all students achieve their full potential.”  

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