Webster Stanley Middle School Teacher receives UWO Pre-Service Educator Mentor Award

posted Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM by Katie Nieman
Congratulations to Ryan King, a sixth-grade math teacher at Webster Stanley Middle School! Mr. King recently received the Wisconsin Association of Colleges for Teacher Education's award for Outstanding Mentorship of Pre-Service Educators. Mr. King's exceptional work and positive influence on OASD pre-service teachers represents incredible talent and commitment to the field of education. (Original story below.)

by Carey Behnke | Apr 24, 2019 | Alumni News, Announcements, COEHS

The Pre-Service Educator Mentor Award is presented to an outstanding educator who has demonstrated a sustained pattern of mentoring pre-service educators for at least five years. Attributes such as the ability to model professional responsibility, demonstrate evidentiary assessment and effective classroom management and the ability to nurture teacher candidates while developing their capacity to be leaders are considered.

For the past six years, Ryan King has served as a sixth-grade math educator at Webster Stanley Middle School in Oshkosh. King earned a bachelor’s in education from UW Oshkosh in 2013 and went on to complete his masters in 2017 in educational leadership, earning an administrative license while also serving in a variety of leadership roles in his school community.

King has enhanced the school’s positive behavior system by identifying needs through data collection and designing approaches to improve high need areas. King worked with students to self-identify triggers to better manage conflict with classmates.

Principal Phillip Marshall said that King’s approach to teaching builds confidence even in the most reluctant students. “I depend on Ryan for his natural ability to relate to students and counsel them through difficult situations. He has been an asset to our school and for students getting their start in this field,” Marshall said.

Inside the classroom, King is known as a phenomenal teacher, designing lessons around Core Curriculum and faithfully using board-approved math resources to teach his students. The result has been an inquiry-based learning environment that provides all students with a voice in their education. He is passionate about technology and seeks out ways to engage students in coding and STEM-related opportunities. He also actively co-teaches with the special education staff and believes that all students have the right to access the general education curriculum.

Bernander said King’s excellent pedagogical techniques provide a warm environment that build outstanding relationships with his students, provide support for teaching candidates that serve within his classroom and push both groups to high achievement levels.

“UW Oshkosh is fortunate to have a cooperative teacher as skilled as Ryan King. Our students learn from a teacher who has mutual respect for all learners and sees the benefits of becoming an active participant not just in the classroom but also the entire learning community,” Benander said.