The Oshkosh Area School District is home to 14 elementary schools, as well as an extensive pre-kindergarten program (Oshkosh Early Learning). Click the links below to visit the school homepages and learn more about each school community. 

3000 W 20th Avenue, Oshkosh WI

Jefferson Elementary School
244 W 11th Avenue, Oshkosh, WI

Oaklawn Elementary School
112 Viola Street, Oshkosh, WI

Roosevelt Elementary School
910 N Sawyer Avenue, Oshkosh, WI

Washington Elementary School
929 Winnebago Avenue, Oshkosh, WI
Emmeline Cook Elementary School
1600 Hazel Street, Oshkosh WI

7991 S U.S. Highway 45, Oshkosh, WI

Oakwood Elementary School
1225 N Oakwood Road, Oshkosh, WI

Jacob Shapiro STEM Academy
1050 W 18th Avenue, Oshkosh, WI

Webster Stanley Elementary School
915 Hazel Street, Oshkosh, WI
Franklin Elementary School
1401 W 5th Avenue, Oshkosh WI

Merrill Elementary School
108 W New York Street, Oshkosh, WI

Read Elementary School
1120 Algoma Boulevard, Oshkosh, WI

1745 Oregon Street, Oshkosh, WI

Oshkosh Early Learning
13 sites located throughout Oshkosh