Board Committees

The board has standing and advisory committees to assist in its work.  The function of these committees is to be fact finding, deliberative, and advisory, making recommendations to the board but not taking action on behalf of the board.  Each standing board committee consists of up to three board members.

Committee Material

Administrative Compensation Committee

The Administrative Compensation Committee shall be responsible to periodically review and recommend changes, as appropriate, to board policies and rules with respect to administrator compensation and benefits.

Members include:  Jim Evans (chair), Stephanie Carlin (vice-chair), Allison Garner, and the superintendent (ex officio).

Administrative Compensation Committee - Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for providing guidance and support to education programs in the district; exploring educational innovations to better position the district as a destination district offering the best educational advancements possible; reviewing proposals for educational programs supported by federal and state grants; reviewing student achievement data; and reviewing policies and procedures in matters pertaining to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Members include: Liz Szilagyi (chair), Stephanie Carlin (vice-chair), Bob Poeschl, the director of curriculum and assessment, and the director of learning.

Education Committee - Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Energy Committee

The Energy Management Committee is an ad hoc committee of the board whose principle charge is energy conservation education, including monitoring of usage and development and implementation of programs and procedures that adhere to the Energy Usage Rules created by the committee. 

Members include:  Jim Evans (chair), Kelly Olmsted (vice-chair), the superintendent, community members, and district employees.

Energy Committee - Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Facilities & Finance Committee

The Facilities & Finance Committee is responsible for promoting facility and property environments that enhance student learning; assessing and reviewing the long-range capital improvement plan on a quarterly basis; assessing and reviewing facility, custodial, and maintenance standards; reviewing policies and procedures in matters pertaining to the physical plant or real property owned or occupied by the district; investigating and evaluating facilities or property conditions; reviewing financial projects or concerns as directed by the board; reviewing financial matters as requested by the executive director of business services; and performing any other duties as directed by the board. 

Members include: Allison Garner (chair), Jim Evans (vice-chair), Kelly Olmsted, the executive director of business services, and the director of buildings and grounds.

Facilities and Finance Committee - Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Policy & Governance Committee

The Policy & Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes, as needed, to board policies on a systematic basis or as directed by, and in accordance with, the board’s governance philosophy; advising the superintendent, when requested, on administrative guidelines, reviewing policy concerns of board members or citizens and/or staff who have been referred by the superintendent; and reporting and submitting reviews and recommendations to the board in a timely fashion.

Members include: Kelly Olmsted (chair), Bob Poeschl (vice-chair), and Liz Szilagyi. The district’s superintendent and other board members are ex-officio members of this committee.

Policy and Governance Committee - Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for reviewing legislative information, developing legislative positions, and responding to legislative initiatives. 

Members include: Jim Evans (chair), Stephanie Carlin, and Liz Szilagyi. 

Legislative Committee - Meeting Agenda and Minutes