Virtual Board Meetings

Oshkosh Area School District to Hold Virtual School Board Meetings

During the declared public health emergency due to COVID-19, the Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education will be holding its meetings (public and closed) virtually. During this time, the Board will be using Zoom to host its virtual meetings and will be livestreaming public meetings on YouTube .

Attendance: In accordance with the State of Wisconsin Emergency Order #12 - Safer At Home, meeting participants, as well as the public and media, are prohibited from attending the meeting in person. Board members and District leaders will participate from remote locations through the use of communications technology. 

Viewing: The OASD is committed to making public meetings as accessible as possible. The public meetings will continue to be live streamed and recorded for viewing at any time. The live stream will be available via the OASD’s YouTube Channel. Recordings will be posted to the OASD’s website and may also be re-aired via Oshkosh Media. 

WATCH NOW: View Livestream of OASD Board Meeting
(NOTE: Each meeting live stream will automatically appear on the OASD's YouTube Channel once the meeting has begun. Please allow for a few minutes of delay before the technology syncs.)

Public Comments: Written public participation will be made available in accordance with District policy and state law. Please see this Wisconsin Attorney General Advisory regarding virtual meetings and public participation. 

PARTICIPATE NOW: Submit a Public Comment to be Read Aloud During Meeting

Public comments related to any agenda or non-agenda items must be submitted in advance via the OASD's Google Form (see above), by 5 p.m. on the date of the scheduled meeting. (NOTE: The form will close at 5 p.m. on the day of a board meeting and will reopen prior to the next meeting.) Comments will be read aloud by the Superintendent. Instructions for submitting public comments are as follows:

  • Complete the required form (see above)
    • Please note, the following information is required:
      • Name (First and Last)
      • Home Address
      • Topic to be Address
      • Non-Agenda or Agenda-Related
      • Comment(s)
  • If you are acting as a spokesperson for a particular group of individuals, please indicate the group that you represent.  
  • Please state the matter(s) of concern, limiting your comments to three (3) minutes.  
  • Please remember that the use of specific names of District personnel may lead to legal liability. In such instances, please pursue the District’s formal complaint process by contacting the Superintendent’s Office at 920.424.0160 to direct you to the appropriate administrator.

Virtual Board Meeting Details