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When families are healthy, our students are more likely to be healthy and able to come to school.  The Oshkosh Area School District is committed to sharing accurate and up to date information about COVID-19 vaccines so our families and the community can make informed decisions about the vaccine and find the help and resources they need to get vaccinated.

The Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) was awarded a second COVID-19 Vaccination Community Outreach Grant by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Grant funds will be used to continue promote health equity and will allow the District to expand its community outreach efforts to marginalized populations. Learn more below!

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The COVID-19 Community Outreach Grant is a collective effort within the OASD, spearheaded by special education and English as a Second Language staff members. The following OASD staff members were key advocates of the initiative; and will serve as managers of the grant.

Need more information or help with getting your vaccine? Is your organization interested in a mobile vaccination clinic? Want to volunteer? Contact one of us:

Linda Pierron
OASD Director of Special Education 
(COVID-19 Community Outreach Grant Administrator)

Julie Ruck    
OASD Special Education IST
(COVID-19 Community Outreach Grant Manager)