OASD School Board to Hear Facilities Recommendations

The Oshkosh Area School District’s (OASD) Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) will be making the following recommendations to the OASD Board of Education at the December 4, 2019 board meeting. 

  1. Commit to long-term consolidation efforts 
  2. Adopt a long-term consolidation pathway which would serve students through nine elementary, three middle, and two high schools - rather than the 20 facilities currently in operation
  3. Pursue an April 2020 capital referendum that would include the following projects:
    1. Safety / Security Updates at District Facilities: Enhance security efforts including entrances, interior doors, and additional technology
    2. Immediate Building Infrastructure and Maintenance: Replace roof sections and update electrical systems at some existing schools
  4. Engage the community further regarding proposed Phase 1 middle school and elementary school projects for future action

Additional information is available via the following resource: OASD Facilities Advisory Committee Executive Summary to the Board of Education - December 2019