Oshkosh School Board to Discuss Athletic and Co-curricular Facilities Needs

Recommendations Developed by Community Facilities Advisory Committee 2.0

The Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education will participate in a Board Workshop to learn about the work of the District’s Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) 2.0. The workshop will take place during the Board’s regular meeting on July 13 at 6 p.m. at the OASD Administration Office; live-streamed on the Oshkosh Media YouTube Channel. This will be the first time that the Board reviews the information, which will include the history, background, common themes, and recommendations resulting from the work of community members serving on the FAC 2.0. No Board action related to facilities planning will take place during the meeting. 

In May 2021, the OASD Board of Education authorized the creation of a Facility Advisory Committee 2.0, tasked with seeking solutions to the District’s athletic and co-curricular needs, specifically: outdoor athletic competition and practice facilities; indoor athletic and multi-purpose practice facilities; fine arts performance facilities; and aquatic competition and practice facilities. The FAC 2.0 met bi-weekly, from January to May 2022. Following the July 13 Board Workshop, the next steps will include the Board reviewing the identified facilities projects with the goal of aligning the identified needs with the long-term facilities planning efforts of the District. This alignment process will take place over the course of the next year. Timing options will be reviewed in the context of mill rates and funding for projects related to Phase Two of the District’s Four-Phased Facilities Consolidation Plan which was developed by the FAC 1.0 and approved by the School Board in 2019. A follow-up Board Workshop will take place in October 2022 to continue this discussion and alignment process. The Board and District leaders are committed to continuing to engage the community in the facilities' planning process - gathering feedback and creating a shared understanding of facility needs and opportunities.

“We want to continue to work with our community to not only support the needs of our students but make Oshkosh a destination District and a thriving community,” said Dr. Bryan Davis, OASD Superintendent of Schools. “This Board Workshop is the first step in creating a shared understanding of our athletic and co-curricular facilities needs so we can engage in community conversations, gather feedback and build solutions together.”

The OASD started a long-range facilities planning process in 2017 with a district-wide facilities study. Since then, the District has been focused on addressing identified facility needs in specific project phases to strategically meet the needs of the Oshkosh community while making the process affordable for taxpayers. Each phase requires voter-approved capital funding, spread out over the coming decades. 

Phase One was made possible by the successful November 2020 Capital Referendum and will result in five current schools being replaced with one new middle school and one new elementary school. Vel Phillips Middle School will open in Fall 2023 adjacent to the current Merrill school site, combining Merrill Middle and Webster Stanley Middle schools. The new northside elementary school will open in Fall 2024 on the current Webster Stanley school site, combining Merrill Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Webster Stanley Elementary schools. 

The remaining three phases would come in future years when the community is in a position to approve additional funding. The exact scope of these phases have not yet been developed, however, the following key areas are identified. Phase Two is focused on the replacement of South Park Middle School, as well as modernizing and adding on to multiple elementary schools including Read, Emmeline Cook, Oakwood, and Carl Traeger. The current Perry Tipler Middle School and Shapiro STEM Academy would be repurposed and Roosevelt Elementary School would be closed. Phase Three is focused on replacing or renovating Oshkosh West High School. Phase Four is focused on replacing or renovating Oshkosh North High School. 

To learn more about the District’s facilities planning efforts visit www.oshkosh.k12.wi.us/facilities