Continuous Improvement

The Oshkosh Area School District’s (OASD) Continuous Improvement Plan was created based on the District’s Strategic Plan 3.0. The new format identifies and monitors the following four core areas that represent the District's overall health as a teaching and learning organization and community asset. Key performance indicators were determined for each core area and will be used to quickly respond to opportunities for improvement and celebrate successes.

  • Learning and Academics
  • Finance and Operations
  • Safe and Healthy Schools
  • Engagement and Communication

Each school year, the District will set specific, measurable, and rigorous  benchmarks for improvement based on baseline data for each key performance indicator. 

Stay tuned!

The OASD's Continuous Improvement Plan will be presented to the Board of Education during the February 28 Regular Meeting (rescheduled due to weather). Stay tuned for additional information, including access to the complete plan. 

Join us!

OASD Community Update March 1, 2023

Participants will be invited to ask questions and share ideas about how they can support the District making improvements toward achieving the key performance indicators. 

All OASD parents/guardians, students, staff members, and community members are invited to attend. We encourage you to join us in this important work and stay engaged in the progress being made. The OASD Community Conversation is an annual event, aimed at increasing engagement and awareness of the District’s continuous improvement efforts to be the leader in education. 

Come learn with us and be a part of our journey to excellence!