Youth Apprenticeship

A Youth Apprenticeship (YA) is a one or two year “earn while you learn” program for high school juniors and seniors consisting of work and related classroom instruction in a chosen occupation. Training is received on-the-job where the employer teaches the skills of the occupation.  No matter what the youth apprentice decides to do after high school, they will be more prepared for success because of their apprenticeship! LEARN MORE: Wisconsin DWD

Students follow a traditional high school schedule with paid YA placement. Key elements of the youth apprenticeship program are:

  • Industry-developed occupational standards
  • Exposure to multiple aspects of the industry
  • Skilled mentors assigned to train the students
  • 450 hours of paid work experience
  • Related classroom instruction concurrent with work-based learning
  • Quarterly performance evaluation of demonstrated competencies
  • State-issued skill certificate from Department of Workforce Development

YA Occupational Programs

Students can participate in a YA experience in the career pathways listed below. Click on the links for a complete listing of the specific occupational areas for each pathway.

*See OASD School2Work (S2W) Program for more opportunities.

Getting Started with a YA

YA Employer Partners

The Oshkosh Area School District is proud to work directly with area business partners to place students in YA positions, and mentor and develop students throughout their YA experience.

If you are interested in hiring a YA student in the Oshkosh Area School District, please contact Vicki Porior, Career & Technical Education Curriculum Coordinator at

To learn more about what it means to be a YA business partner, check out the Department of Workforce Development's Employer's Introduction to Youth Apprenticeship webpage.