OASD K-5 Literacy Curriculum Review and Adoption Process 

(Winter/Spring 2024)

The Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) is committed to fundamentally evolving our approach to early literacy and equipping all students with the foundational skills they need to be successful readers, writers, and learners. 

The OASD will be adopting a new K-5 literacy core curriculum for the 2025-2026 school year. To inform this adoption, during the 2024-2025 school year the District will conduct a pilot of one or more new literacy curricula at select grade levels across all elementary schools. A literacy committee has been created to support this exploratory work and the District will be providing updates throughout the curriculum review process. An overview of the pilot, committee, and curriculum being considered is available below. 

As a district, we have set rigorous literacy goals in policy to establish high expectations of student achievement in reading, and create a direct connection from the boardroom to the classroom. Literacy is our number one academic priority and the District is engaging in this curriculum process to radically increase our literacy outcomes for all students. 

Committee Updates & Meeting Summaries

The OASD’s literacy committee will meet five times beginning in January 2024 and ending in April 2024. Meeting material, as well as a summary of each meeting, will be posted below.

OASD Literacy Statement: What Matters Most

(May 10, 2024)

The following literacy statement affirms the Oshkosh Area School District's sincere commitment to selecting literacy instructional materials and implementing instructional practices that are clearly aligned to the research on reading science. 

OASD Literacy Statement: What Matters Most In Achieving High Levels of Literacy Learning


Questions related to the OASD’s K-5 literacy curriculum review and adoption process can be directed to the following district leaders.

Dr. Sam Coleman
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
920.424.0100 x2066

Dr. Kim Brown
Director of Elementary Schools

Dr. Linda Kuhaupt
Director of Literacy