OASD Virtual Calming Room

Visit the OASD Virtual Calming Room! 

Here, students, staff, and families can find tools and strategies that can help manage emotions and stress. Enjoy and take some time for yourself! 

Students, if you think you may need further help in managing emotions, please reach out to your school counselor.  

If you have other useful resources that you would like to see placed in the OASD Virtual Calming Room*, please reach out.

CONTACT: Cara Wege, Webster Stanley Middle School Counselor | Andrea Holdorf, Oshkosh North High School Counselor 

Disclaimer:  The following links are purely for educational purposes and are not intended as psychological interventions or as a substitute for psychological treatment.  If you are in need of psychological help you should seek the consultation of a licensed mental health professional.  

*This calming room is based off of a similar one shared by Riverview Middle School in the Kaukauna Area School District.